Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Next Step

So, it's really happening. It's really over this time. Honestly, it feels good not to care. I was suffocating. Almost 8 yrs........

Love is funny

I decided to move out so I went to look at an apartment today. Looking for somewhere close to work and school so I'm sticking with the side of town I already live on. I decided not to look for anything too lavish. I'd rather not pay a lot in rent, and use the extra money to decorate. At least I can take the decor with me when I leave. Cant take the "luxury" apartment with me when I buy a house. My friend said that peace of mind is the most important thing right now; she's right. I'm dead set on vintage studio or loft apartments with hardwood floors, bay windows, glass doors etc etc. I love the one I looked at today. I'm going to try to DIY a lot and thrift to give it a personal vibe. Im excited. I should be. I deserve to treat myself a little. Right?? Here's a pic I took today at the apartment...Tifani likes...

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