Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I had one of those "Tif, this is just the way things are going to be" moments today. I'm so tired. Tired of everything I do and say being tied to my sexuality, color and lack of belief in a god. I'm so much more than that. Why are heterosexuals so obsessed with making my sexuality the focal point of my being? When is this burden going to be lifted? Better yet, will it ever be lifted? As I've said before, no one outside these characteristics can possibly understand the hardships of being a young, black, lesbian, atheist (lesbian covers being a female of course) in the South. I won't be too specific but apparently anyone that hangs around me and one of my bffs must be "a dyke." Apparently we take people to LGBTQ clubs without telling them. Everyone has something to say! I just cannot. When I get like this, all I want to do is stay away from everyone and that's exactly what I'll do. If I want to go somewhere from now on, I'll go alone. No one is about to like the Tifani that is about to surface. She isn't bitter but she isn't nice either. That ship has sailed.


  1. Dont ever let someone get you to the point where you are not yourself. Of course its only natural to feel this way after going through these judgements all the time, but you should always be who you really are because they are boatloads of people who appreciate you for it.

    1. thanks hun! I'll always be me. I just wish being me wasn't so hard. I wish all these negatives things weren't attached to who I am.