Monday, April 16, 2012

*mutes professor*

Meanwhile, in my psych class.................................

I'm tuning out my professor as I blog. I've been uploading a lot of pics lately because how I feel and what I think is kind of hard to put into words right now and I don't want to expose anyone to word vomit. Anyway, I'm sure this inability to express what I think/feel has everything to do with the fact that I innately over-analyze everything. Ever since I was a child, I felt the need to understand everything in depth. Even with school, my professor can mention something briefly just to make a point but I'll go home and research this "thing" just so I can make more sense of it. I'm obsessed with trying to make sense of everything but at the same time, I'm well aware that some things just don't make sense. Sometimes, I annoy myself. Then there is the feeling of being right about something that you wish you weren't right about. That's vague, I know. What's said about ignorance has to be true, it must be bliss. Sometimes I just wish my brain would shut up (if that makes any sense.) Ok, I feel the urge to ramble.............

*unmutes professor*

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