Saturday, April 7, 2012

Just Jotting...

(I'm literally just jotting. Excuse me if my thoughts seem all over the place)

I love Love. It's a beautiful concept. I understand it's depth; it's complicity.

"Love is cursed by monogamy"

When I say I understand Love's depth, I mean it. Love is usually thought of as one man and one woman who love each other enough to reproduce then skip off holding hands into the sunset. That idea of love, I understand and respect but I really think that only touches Love's surface. I was in a monogamous relationship, which I think is the right relationship type for me BUT I totally understand Love on other levels. For example, polyamorous relationships or polygamy.

If having more than one mate/wife/husband makes people happy, why not? The "right" way to love for you may not be the right way to love for someone else. Remember, truth is subjective; as is Love. I don't like the moral standard of Love being based on, via comparison to, just heterosexual, monogamous relationships. Everyone isn't the same so it's ridiculous to expect everyone to love the same. That's like saying "ok you have blonde hair. I have black hair. My eyes are brown but yours are blue. I like skating and you hate it. I'm an introvert but you're extremely social. Those differences are ok but Love is supposed to be just............ ". No! if humans can be different in that many ways, why can't we be different when it comes to our ideas of Love....??

To be cont'd

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