Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Have something to prove? Go that way ----->

Those with something to prove annoy me. They annoy me by thinking that just because a person doesnt make known what they do that must mean they arent doing it. Just because someone doesnt make it known to the social networking world that they are "headed to work" before every shift doesnt mean they dont work. Just because a person doesnt take a picture of themselves in the drivers seat of a car in rush hour traffic doesnt mean they dont have a car. Just because a person doesnt, again, make known over the internet that they are walking in class or sitting in class or giving the name of the building, room number and name of their professor for each class they attend, doesnt mean they dont go to school. So what about the people that actually do do this? Well, I think some people document their every move by habit but I also think some people do it because they have something to prove. Ok, your avatar or profile pic iIs a pic of you in traffic with a seat belt on.....? Ok. Someone said to me last week "what school do you go to? You at Tech too?" ("too": referring to my bff who was there when the convo took place) I reply "no, I'm at Converse" they say "i never see you. I didnt know you went there" then I say "thats because I get in and out. Im not there to be seen or noticed. Not too many people know what school I go to." Making EVERYTHING that goes on in my life apparent to others just isnt my thing. As I said before, I share a lot but I keep even more to myself. I understand people wanting to be noticed for their accomplishments but being desperate for attention isnt the way. Give people a chance to see what you do. Youll be appreciated more...much more than a person who begs to be noticed and "congratulated." Be proud of you and your successes but dont shove it down others' throats every chance you get. Maybe im being over-analytical (i probably am but thats just me) but I like to notice people and what they do without being forced to notice them/their successes via attention seeking gestures. But again, thats just me.

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