Monday, March 12, 2012

Why I'm here

I want to go ahead and apologize if I'm not "social" enough on Blogger. I kind of created this blog to escape the following I have on some other sites. Not that I put anything up here that I wouldn't put anywhere else, but I just havent. This is my place for me to write what I feel (and post what I look like lol) as a means of self reflection. I like to watch my style evolve. I re-read what I post many times. I'm not here to make friends or really aquire a "following". I'm just here to express myself without the limit of 140 characters or the infamous "you post so many pics" crap. If I get your attention, good. If I don't.....well...........


  1. I'm so bad about commenting on blogs! I always leave comments on Chictopia and Lookbook, but I need to start branching out! I really love your style, tho!

    Stop by and say hello! I'm hosting a giveaway right now :)

  2. me too! I'll leave comments on chictopia too but here I'm just kind of to myself. I'll browse every once in a while and comment on things that get my attention but that's about it.