Friday, March 2, 2012

Tifani says..........

I've always been a little tomboyish, even when I was carrying purses at age 2. It wasn't until I was in my early 20's that I realized what this meant for me. I believe that every person has masculine and feminine energies. Before you go all "what?!! I don't act manly!!! I'm all girl!!" bat shit crazy, let me explain:

To me, masculine doesn't [always] mean manly, it means dominant. Now, let me clear up something else...just because men are seen as "naturally masculine" doesn't make them dominant. Make sense??

Moving on....

Feminine doesn't necessarily mean weak or "girly", it means submissive. Again, just because females are usually associated with femininity doesn't make females submissive to dominant males. (no patriarchy allowed!!). Every individual has qualities about them that are submissive to other, more dominant qualities. For example, I am both temperamental and it's opposite...laid-back. However, my ability to keep calm even in tense situations is dominant making the temperamental part of me submissive. So you ask, "Well then when are you temperamental?". I'm temperamental when being calm doesn't help my situation or simply when I don't want to be calm. But being laid back is usually my first reaction to everything because it is my dominant quality.

There are also mannerisms tied to these energies, in my opinion, and since everyone embodies both dominant (masculine) and submissive (feminine) energies unique to each individual, those mannerisms may be controlled to a certain extent. I think society has produced this huge divide between males and females (placing men at the top of course....which is bullshit to me. You can thank religion for that shit),  and females as their submissive, but unequal counterparts (paradoxical?? maybe). Gender roles and the expectations of those within these gender roles cause many people, both male and female, not to embrace their duality. Those playing these leading roles want to feel "all man!" and "all woman!" but what about those who chose not to surrender to these social stigmas..?? People like me. Am I not all woman even though I have some qualities and mannerisms seen by society as "manly"...???

Behind my purses lay baggy pants and oversized shirts
Behind my make-up bag lies natural beauty with a boyish charm
Behind my feminintity lies my masculinity;
Behind my duality lies versatility
and behind my versatility lies the confidence to embrace all that is me

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