Monday, March 5, 2012

Aggravation Activated

My patience is running out with some people. No matter how much I love someone, if  they are standing in the way of my success/growth, they have to go. I used to be the type who would put everything on hold for someone: family, friends, lovers but that Tifani is here no longer. I've literally declined job opportunities because I was too busy thinking "but how will the affect my relationship with _______??" or "I know this job will cause a problem because I'll be away for too long." etc etc. I don't have any children but sometimes I feel like adults expect me to coddle them. The bad part about that is....that's what I used to do. I've always been upfront with no sugar coating but I'm nice and people take advantage of that. They know that I'll give anything to see the people around me happy even if that means that I have to be miserable. I can't do that anymore. I'm not a teen anymore. I'm not 20 anymore. Hell, I'm not even 25 anymore. I'll be 27 this year and I'm a firm believer that once you pass 25, you're 30. In other words, I can't just let all these opportunities pass me by because I'm worried about such and such being "mad" or "jealous". I just can't. I'm looking out for Tifani this time so get your ass out of my way!


  1. "once you pass 25, youre 30.." omg yes thats how i feel! I'll be 26 this year and my tolerance for bullsh*t is not so high as it used to be. keep your head up babe and i wish you lots of success! following!!

    love, james