Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Another Note.....

I know sometimes it seems like I complain about things.....well, that's because I do but I just want to take the time to talk about the positives in my life. I have an amazing sister, nephew and mother. Although we are all different in many ways, we all respect and love each other. I love them with everything in me. We've been through so much together that the thought of a life without them is damn near impossible. My gf is not the best at this relationship thing but she's an amazing soul. I love her as much as I love my immediate family. She's a friend, a lover and...a cunt lol. I have two crazy but amazing friends. We made a toast on NYE to "prosperity" and it's evident in all our lives right now. I remember texting my sister, both my bffs and my gf last year: "I love you all. I have a proposition. Let's all be back in school by spring." Guess what...?? We did because we encouraged each other. We are literally thriving and it's evident in our lives; mentally and physically. We are above and beyond trivialities. We are bettering ourselves in so many ways. Then there's me; I'm smart, blessed with book smarts and streets smarts.I'm maturing in every way, every day. I'm 26, furthering my education, living on my own with my significant other. I OWN my car...etc etc...basically doing what a 26 year old should be doing but I'm so thankful because it could be worse....things have been worse. I'm blessed beyond measure. No, not blessed by some egotistical, transcendent being with a crown and wrathful disposition. Circumstance has been on my side. I've busted my ass to get the things I want and need. There's more to be gotten. Bigger peaks to reach. Much more to conquer. I'm ready....


  1. aw, im happy to know youre surrounded by amazing people who love you and that you care so much about <3 i hope you are doing just fine, babe!!

    love, james

    1. Thanks! feels good to have a few great people in my life. Thanks, I'm great. I hope you are doing well.