Monday, March 12, 2012

Mysterious Mother

I absolutely love poetry. I respect the "fireside" poetry but I live for works with edge, mystery, humor, satire...etc etc. I like to pick poetry apart word by word; syllable by syllable; line by line. I'm a fan of poets like McKay and Millay for the innovative way they hid untraditional ideas within traditional writing styles; the misuse of sonnets to convey messages a lot less...well....sonnet worthy. I picked a part E.E. Cummings' "O sweet spontaneous" last night. I love that poem.

The earth in all it's mystery is glorified but all at the same time Cummings is talking about how she is raped by science, religion, philosophy...humanity as a whole. They all want to know her. They all want to know the why? and how?. They can't just let her be. Their curiosity devalues her but yet she still gives life. What a wonderful Mother she is; undefined, humorous, enigmatic....producing life. Humans seem to hate the unknown. I don't. I appreciate her. I celebrate her. I thank her. I know that nothing can explain everything. No science...nothing.

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