Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Look of the day:3/27/2012 - 3/28/2012

I doubled up today because I didn't post yesterday. I'm still a bit bummy. As I said, give me until the end of the week/weekend and it'll get better. I havent been in the mood for makeup or anything. Just get up, shower, step into something and go!
Look #1 3/27/2012: Bohemian

-vintage aquamarine blouse
-denim shorts
-black braided belt
-black, faux leather strappy sandals
-orange purse
-black floppy hat

Look #2 :3/28/2012 Urban

-pink MASH sweatshirt
-black Express cut-off bleached (diy) shorts
-army fatigue ball cap
-black and white sneakers