Sunday, March 4, 2012

Late night Convos....

Me: babe, let's say that there's a new girl at your job that you find extremely attractive to the point that you want to have sex with her.....can you do me a favor? Bring her home if she's sexy....I mean if it's like that can we at least make the best of it? deal?  

Yes, I said this. No, it hasn't happened but I love that me and my gf can admire the beauty of women in each others presence without any jealousy or insecurity involved. When we're together and I see an attractive woman, I acknowledge it in front of my gf; vice versa. We enjoy seeing live, female entertainers together. Why deny each other that luxury when you both admire the beauty of a woman? If anything, sharing that admiration with each other allows us to bond in an untraditional way. This openess of admiration works for us.

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