Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kony 2012

So, I'm sure you all have heard about the Kony "campaign" (and the organization behind it) but of course, like usual, I have a few questions:

A) Why is this just becoming popular when it's been a problem in Africa for years?

B) Yes, I know Kony is real but is there another motive behind raising awareness (through a "charity") about Kony?

C) If the campaign is focused on raising awareness about this issue by making Kony "famous", why is the video expiring December 2012? Is that their way of saying that they hope he will be caught/stopped by December 2012?? (I don't think Kony is in Uganda. I'm skeptical about the "he's on the run so we have to catch him!" thing.)

As of now, I can't take a definite side on the issue (the issue of why it's being made popular now, not whether it's really happening.) A lot of times when issues like this become popular via media, many people just go with whatever the majority is saying because they want to seem well informed about world issues. Very few people actually research these issues.

I'm just curious......


  1. I understand your point....But, for crying out loud could you just help?...If you won't help with Kony... help with other organizations. The issue of child soldiers and sex slaves is not a new issue the general public has just been ignoring it and going about their business. I love how instead of seeing the issue for what it is people want to make it into something else....people are dying everyday... one man decided to continue fighting until it became public knowledge...this guys *The invincible children* came to my college campus in 2008 to show a bunch of documentaries to raise awareness for this same the campaign has gone viral and everyone wants to become skeptical...Yes it is good to educate yourself on an issue before jumping on it but this issue has been existing for years so the question is why were people not aware of it? fighting for it? that is because the average human does not care. I must confess that i'm not sure what the motive behind all these is but one thing is for sure, it is a great cause and i wish more people would stand up and fight for humanity. Instead of sitting on the sidelines wondering, while their neighbors are dying....

    1. A) I’m aware of the charity organization (which doesnt have the best rep if you research it) & I’ve known about LRA for a long time. B) if my memory serves me correct, Kony has been doing this since the late 80s. C) if I’m not mistaken, Kony was banished from Uganda ~2006 D) I’ve done lots of research and that’s why I’m skeptical E) that doesnt explain why they are re raising “awareness” and selling Kony2012 “kits”

    2. Just because I'm skeptical, doesnt mean I'm ignorant to the bigger issue. Maybe you shouldve reread what I said. I'm referring to the campaign and "charity", not the real issue. This "charity" is breeding off of the emotions of people just like you. So "passionate" that they are blindly optimistic and are actually unaware of whats going on. Do some research. Think first; feel last.

    3. You are very wrong...I'm not passionate about this organization or the "Kony" Campaign...I am passionate about Human trafficking, child soldiers.... THE BIG PICTURE.I serve with an organization known as the redeemed organization and they Target human trafficking here in the states,and also work with world vision so i know a thing or two about hunger, poverty,Child soldiers and lastly, I was in Uganda and Sudan with a christian organization in 2009. So I'm not just running off or jumping on a bandwagon...this is my life.Sorry, if i came across irritated but something happens to you when you meet those children and hope for better in this broken world. The big picture to me is more important. For years our organization has tried to raise awareness locally here in the states and people just turn a blind it gives me joy that this issue is being discussed worldwide because of this video. Whether the people behind it are shady or not...the average person is now aware of what has been going on for years. My point is this, if the organization is shady or whatever, it would be nice if the big picture is supported and not necessarily the organization...there are millions of books, other organizations involved in things like these. Evil will never end until the world ends but, it will be great if people can do what they can do.It could be anybody one is really safe.Thanks,pardon my rants and typos :)

    4. Again, theres nothing wrong or ignorant about skepticism. Just because I critique method doesnt mean I dont understand this bigger picture. You assumed that because I didnt mention the positives, then that must mean I dont recognize them. I dont need to be psuedo-educated about the issue. I get it. I want to be fully aware instead of just being partially aware and labelling myself an activist.