Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm Too Old For This

****WARNING**** this post contains extreme details of ratchet behavior. Sorry in advance.

Me and my friends went out last night to a local club. This is why I should've stayed home:

I'm minding my business and happen to look over and see my ex gf in the club. She's speaking to me and the next thing I know, some hoodrat snatches her away from my side. Of course, I feel disrespected. Not because it's my ex but it could've been anyone. If someone does something like that when I'm talking to a stranger, I feel disrespected. Of course I'm wondering what the problem is. Next thing I know she's shoving me so I push her off of me and we start to argue. I'm thinking to myself "walk away Tif" but the bum throws a drink in my face. I almost fall trying to get to her. They put her out of the club and tell me I can stay. Of course I decline because....well, there's mascara running down my face. My bff and I are leaving the club and the hoodrat is outside on the phone...why?? because she decided to try to fight someone (me) because she saw someone (my ex) speak to me and I'm 100% sure they USED to talk. Anyway, she's outside on the phone calling a ride because she gets put out and doesn't have a way home because she doesn't have a car.

1) Why would you try to fight IN THE CLUB knowing that you don't have a way home when they throw you OUT OF THE CLUB? And the people you were hanging around in the club don't even budge when you get put out. That's bum shit.

2) Why are you so threatened by my ex speaking to me? You have a girlfriend, just like I do. I wouldn't get mad if I saw my ex-fling talking to her ex-girlfriend. That makes you seem envious instead of concerned for whatever reason. This situation was beyond unnecessary. It was trivial and I feel like I gave it too much thought. But then again....who likes to be disrespected?

3) I should've offered her a ride.

I was a little angry last night but I'm over it. I'm too old for this type of crap. Especially from someone I don't even know like that (well, I know OF her). I honestly just hate how it looked from the outside. Outsiders probably thought we were fighting over her but that was definitely not the case at all!! I never fight over old [EXPLETIVE]. I was pissed because she was disrespectful. La Fin...nothing more than that.

Now of course my girlfriend is mad because she wasn't there to see what happen so she's skeptical about the details. Honestly, I don't blame her. It looked like none of what it was. I should've stayed at home! lol

*****Moral of the waterproof mascara.