Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Here we go.....

I get so annoyed by people who look at me, assume I'm young then attempt to address my "age". All this before I even say anything (if I say anything to them at all). It's not my fault you decided to have kids before 10th grade and now you look like shit. One day this lady over hears me talking to my nephew. Again, minding my biz talking to my nephew. I was telling him about what we wore when we were younger. She chimes in from two rows over to say "oh youre still young honey. What are you? 19? 20?" I reply, "No I'm 26". Of course she looked like an idiot afterwards. On Saturday, these two ladies were standing behind me and my gf (my gf will be 28 this year and I'll be 27) saying things like "these YOUNG kids dont know nothin' about Sade. Dey jus young and dont know nothin'". So of course, my gf and I laugh because this happens to us all the time. These ladies were our age (we could tell by the "back in the day" they were referring to), they just looked much older.

A) I take care of my body, skin, etc B) I dont smoke cigarettes or marijuana C) I'm not in a rush to fuck up my body having children D) I dont just eat anything and I run when I can E) my mother looks really young for 54

All I'm saying is, you cant sum me up by looking at me. I'm youthful looking, yes; but young I am not. Instead of looking at someone who looks young and assuming "yea, shes young." think, first "hmm she looks young but maybe she doesnt have kids. Maybe its biological. Maybe she doesnt smoke. Maybe she gives a fuck about what she puts in/on her body." Then proceed to shut up and leave them be.

(yes, I meant "proceed to shut up")


  1. I think people who jump to conclusions are just annoying in general. Besides, what is it to them if you're young anyway? Lol. You keep up what you're doing and fool them! :)

    1. lol you're right but I care because people assume young/youthful means immature and in some cases that's true but not in mine. It annoys the hell out of me!