Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello! This is my Life

I'm so glad that I have the ability to encourage myself because if I was depending on someone else to do it, I'd be up shit know the rest. I hate that I'm doing great things in my life but still being negatively critiqued. I'm all for constructive criticism but just saying things to be rude is annoying. Just because I don't do things like some other people, doesn't mean I'm going about it the wrong way or that I haven't weighed all the pros and cons before making my next move. Come on....I'm a Libra! That's what we do!!

Sometimes I just feel like I need to be completely alone and only focus on me; be completely selfish. I'm trying not to do that. I've made changes by actually putting myself first this time but if people can't understand that and realize that I know what Tifani needs to do in order for Tifani to succeed, then maybe I just need to be alone.

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