Thursday, March 1, 2012

Before I get to my work, I HAVE to share with you all the new pieces of jewelry I got. I love bold pieces. Especially rings and necklaces. Check them out. You could probably get them from a local, small jewelry store (like I did). I only paid about $1.25/each for them but they last a while and go great with casual looks that need a little "umph"

And yes, even I wear crosses. It's a reminder for me just like it is for you. The only difference is what it reminds us of. I don't believe, you do; Your faith vs. my non-existent faith. Still friends? Great! :~)

PS- these are also really easy to make. I made my long tiger necklace and long peace sign chain necklace (seen in Look of The Day posts). Charms and Chains can be found at most arts and crafts stores. I hope to be making more in the future...stay tuned.......

(from left to right)
-copper/bronze cross with "ruby" double finger cross ring
-pewter double finger snake ring
-pewter heart with wings double finger ring
-medium-long length silver crown necklace
-long length silver cross necklace
-long length gold eagle necklace
-medium-long length gold lightning bolt necklace
-bronze length gold gun and scull necklace

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