Saturday, March 31, 2012

Im back! Lol

Sneak peek of my look. Ill post the look tomorrow. Goodnight loves!

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One of my faves!!

Look of The Day: 3/29/2012 & 3/30/2012

Well, I doubled up again. Sorry, I've been super busy as you can see from some of my previous posts. When I post my looks, I don't like going into grave detail telling what the looks are "about." I like to keep it short and simple. Why? because my style is open for interpretation. I don't want to fluff anything. It's self expression and I feel like over-advertising taints true style. But, that's just me :~)

Look #1- 3/31/2012
-tawny straw hat
-eggplant knitted top
-vintage Levi's cut-off shorts
-brown studded Dollhouse sandals
-vintage leather maroon Anne Klein bag

Look #2- 3/30/2012

-slouchy gray Express boyfriend tee
-vintage cut off Levi's
-black buckle boots
-black faux suede fringe bag
-diy animal print cardigan

Friday, March 30, 2012

Well, Im still "dating" solo for the most part. Tonight Im taking my nephew to the movies then taking myself to the Art Bar tomorrow night. I think tonight will be a wine a book night in for me. I dont mind spending time alone. Gives me a chance to reflect. Sometimes its ok to treat yourself. I love spending time with my nephew though. We went to see Alvin and The Chipmunks Chipwrecked tonight. He asked if yiu could request the previews be skipped then he made me prove that Neil Patrick Harris and Robert Patterson wasnt the same person....smh. It was raining outside when we were leaving the theater so we ran to my car without missing a puddle lol. Im a kid! He will remember these times though. They create great memories for the both of us :~)

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Friends for Life!

Its been a long day. I went to class and now im helping my bff move into her new apt. Im sooooo proud of her. Shes out of her bad relationship, now living on her own with a brand new car, and a nice job to support her and her beautiful daughter. I love seeing my friends successful and happy. This is what weve worked for and cheered to on NYE. She just recently had surgery (tuesday to be exact) but shes still out here making sure everything goes well. *deep sigh* I love my lovies! Its so good to be surrounded by grounded people. People with goals and realistic aspirations. Friends for life!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Look of the day:3/27/2012 - 3/28/2012

I doubled up today because I didn't post yesterday. I'm still a bit bummy. As I said, give me until the end of the week/weekend and it'll get better. I havent been in the mood for makeup or anything. Just get up, shower, step into something and go!
Look #1 3/27/2012: Bohemian

-vintage aquamarine blouse
-denim shorts
-black braided belt
-black, faux leather strappy sandals
-orange purse
-black floppy hat

Look #2 :3/28/2012 Urban

-pink MASH sweatshirt
-black Express cut-off bleached (diy) shorts
-army fatigue ball cap
-black and white sneakers



So I finally watched The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and I totally lusted after Rooney Mara (Lisbeth)! When I say lusted, I mean....ughhhh throughout the whole movie. She was so sexy, untamed, dangerous...tomboi fatale! I wouldve killed for her wardrobe. I could identify every piece she wore. So fucking sexy! Gah! Anyway, the movie itself was eh. I could have watched it on mute and been fine. Rooney, call me boo.....

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Questions pt 2 lmfaoooooo

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Rights, wrongs and receipts


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Wish List

I need one of these! Vintage or antigue doctors bags

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Monday, March 26, 2012

(PARODY) "Guess Who's Coming To [Patti's] Dinner" - Got 2B Real - Episode 1

I cannot breathe!!!!

Look of The Day: 3/26/2012

Part boho...Part I dont give a damn (sans makeup)
I'll do better by the end of the week. I promise. It's not fair if I only show you my good looks. The not so good ones come with the territory *evil laugh*

What I'm wearing:

-black floppy hat
-neon yellow cardigan
-black, gold chained loafers
-army tee
-black pants
-black fringe faux suede bucket bag

So I ended up going to date night, alone yesterday. It was alright I guess. I guess I better get used to taking myself out. A lot of people make being single seem like some sort of disease that stifles you but that's not always the case. I liked my relationship (even though it needed work like all other relationships.) but I knew that it needed to end; at least for now. I'm cool with that. I think she is too...I think...I hope so but I'm not so sure.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

I thought about taking myself on a date today but I dont feel like it. (ill prob change my mind again) but for now I guess I'll do my h/w for tomorrow and study for my test.

Ive been thinking about how things have changed. Nevertheless, I still have great people in my life and Im still growing & learning (ancora imparo. Ill take that

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Astrology Jokes: The Art of War -

Ways to devastate them

Aries: Never do what they want, never let them speak their mind. Convince them they're wrong, so no one takes them seriously.

Taurus: Change everything around them, keep things in constant flux. Don't let them buy brand name items or eat at expensive restaurants, and make them exercise a lot.

Gemini: REFUSE to be their "friend", don't talk to them. Don't even give them a chance to talk on radio or television.

Cancer: Make off-handed remarks intended for them to take personally, hurt their feelings, don't apologize and refuse to validate their feelings. Kill their family.

Leo: Publicly humiliate them, refuse to play into their drama and walk away from them. Don't give them the time of the day. Isolate them in a room.

Virgo: Keep everything in disarray, constantly change the way things are done, don't let them do things "their way". Mess up their living space.

Libra: Refuse to cooperate with them, but at the same time, don't make any decisions on anything. Let them drift between indecision and isolation. Take away their beauty care products.

Scorpio: Publicly expose their secret plans, refuse to listen to their problems, negate their emotional reactions.

Sagittarius: Put them in a "cage," take away their freedoms and don't let them think outside the box. Don't allow them to leave their company or partner, ever.

Capricorn: Work them to the bone, don't compliment them, refuse to compensate them for it and then fire them. Then post a public announcement about how incompetent they are. Liquidate their estate too.

Aquarius: Prove them wrong in a public forum, make them do things YOUR way, ignore their ideas or even better ridicule them. Take away their books and lock them in a room alone.

Pisces: Show them how fun Acid can be, then start an argument with them while they are in the middle of their trip. Emotionally devastate them, then force them to work while they are in the middle of their emotional tidal wave. Or give them alcohol and let nature take its course.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm going to be single for a while. I think its best. I dont want to date though. No sex. Just 100% focus on myself. I think I need this. No point in being in a relationship and youre the only one trying. This didnt happen overnight though. Feelings get hurt and before they can heal it happens again. When the same person who hurt you is trying to heal you, it can be overbearing for both parties. Knowing someone for a long time can also equal years of pain and bad memories; resentment. 7 years is a long time and painful memories arent scarce. I dont want to be that bitter woman. I would rather just heal alone and let her do the same. We are both victims as well as suspects. Nobody is innocent but I know that for the past year or more, Ive been in this all alone. Being patient. Waiting on change. Accepting sorry ass apologies. Sometimes I feel like Im waiting in vain. Maybe I am. I mean, maybe I was.

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I need to NOT be about this life lol

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Relaxing at the park listening to Beethoven. This is exactly what I & my mind needed. Shouldve brought a jacket though. Its cool. Oh well...its a shades & floppy hat type of day.

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Girls night out

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Look of The Day: 3/23/2012

Welp, this is what I looked like before the runny mascara and wig dethroning. Isn't my bff gorgeous..??

What I'm wearing:
-white tank
-black braided belt
-tawny skirt from Papaya
-fuschia HeartSoul chunky platform heels from Off Broadway Shoes
-hot pink no brand purse

I'm Too Old For This

****WARNING**** this post contains extreme details of ratchet behavior. Sorry in advance.

Me and my friends went out last night to a local club. This is why I should've stayed home:

I'm minding my business and happen to look over and see my ex gf in the club. She's speaking to me and the next thing I know, some hoodrat snatches her away from my side. Of course, I feel disrespected. Not because it's my ex but it could've been anyone. If someone does something like that when I'm talking to a stranger, I feel disrespected. Of course I'm wondering what the problem is. Next thing I know she's shoving me so I push her off of me and we start to argue. I'm thinking to myself "walk away Tif" but the bum throws a drink in my face. I almost fall trying to get to her. They put her out of the club and tell me I can stay. Of course I decline because....well, there's mascara running down my face. My bff and I are leaving the club and the hoodrat is outside on the phone...why?? because she decided to try to fight someone (me) because she saw someone (my ex) speak to me and I'm 100% sure they USED to talk. Anyway, she's outside on the phone calling a ride because she gets put out and doesn't have a way home because she doesn't have a car.

1) Why would you try to fight IN THE CLUB knowing that you don't have a way home when they throw you OUT OF THE CLUB? And the people you were hanging around in the club don't even budge when you get put out. That's bum shit.

2) Why are you so threatened by my ex speaking to me? You have a girlfriend, just like I do. I wouldn't get mad if I saw my ex-fling talking to her ex-girlfriend. That makes you seem envious instead of concerned for whatever reason. This situation was beyond unnecessary. It was trivial and I feel like I gave it too much thought. But then again....who likes to be disrespected?

3) I should've offered her a ride.

I was a little angry last night but I'm over it. I'm too old for this type of crap. Especially from someone I don't even know like that (well, I know OF her). I honestly just hate how it looked from the outside. Outsiders probably thought we were fighting over her but that was definitely not the case at all!! I never fight over old [EXPLETIVE]. I was pissed because she was disrespectful. La Fin...nothing more than that.

Now of course my girlfriend is mad because she wasn't there to see what happen so she's skeptical about the details. Honestly, I don't blame her. It looked like none of what it was. I should've stayed at home! lol

*****Moral of the waterproof mascara.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Another Note.....

I know sometimes it seems like I complain about things.....well, that's because I do but I just want to take the time to talk about the positives in my life. I have an amazing sister, nephew and mother. Although we are all different in many ways, we all respect and love each other. I love them with everything in me. We've been through so much together that the thought of a life without them is damn near impossible. My gf is not the best at this relationship thing but she's an amazing soul. I love her as much as I love my immediate family. She's a friend, a lover and...a cunt lol. I have two crazy but amazing friends. We made a toast on NYE to "prosperity" and it's evident in all our lives right now. I remember texting my sister, both my bffs and my gf last year: "I love you all. I have a proposition. Let's all be back in school by spring." Guess what...?? We did because we encouraged each other. We are literally thriving and it's evident in our lives; mentally and physically. We are above and beyond trivialities. We are bettering ourselves in so many ways. Then there's me; I'm smart, blessed with book smarts and streets smarts.I'm maturing in every way, every day. I'm 26, furthering my education, living on my own with my significant other. I OWN my car...etc etc...basically doing what a 26 year old should be doing but I'm so thankful because it could be worse....things have been worse. I'm blessed beyond measure. No, not blessed by some egotistical, transcendent being with a crown and wrathful disposition. Circumstance has been on my side. I've busted my ass to get the things I want and need. There's more to be gotten. Bigger peaks to reach. Much more to conquer. I'm ready....

Look of The Day: 3/22/2012

This is my look of the day. I've been gone all damn day!! Super busy again. I had to go for comfort again so I went bohemian. Hmm this may be one of my go to looks.

What I'm wearing:
-tawny romper
-White shirt
-black, faux leather strappy sandals
-vintage, maroon leather Anne Klein bag
-vintage, tawny straw hat

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Notes from the Autopsy of God: The Pretty Librarian


More Notes from the Autopsy of God: The Pretty Librarian: Once while at college I was getting a book out of the library; The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut, I handed it over to this pretty librar...

Double Consciousness

Sometimes I loathe being (of) a black woman, in her late 20's and in the south of North America. (I know...loathe is a strong word but it's not that I hate being who I am but more like I detest how others see me.) After white men, then white women, then black men...we come in last in the chain of course. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing hope; hope that we will no longer be pawned off as some sort of social sub-group. I feel the oppression of this social stigma every day. Dont get me wrong...I love who I am but when I'm treated a certain way because of who I am, I can't help but to (here comes the yucky word) feel like I'm seen as less than. Kind of reminds me of W.E.B Dubois "double consciousness" concept. I recognized two people. I (think) I see who I am to myself but I also see who I am to others. I despise the latter.

"....a world which yields him no true self-consciousness, but only lets him see himself through the revelation of the other world. It is a peculiar sensation, this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one's self through the eyes of others, of measuring one's soul by the tape of a world that looks on in amused contempt and pity. One ever feels his two-ness,--an American, a Negro; two warring souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warring ideals in one dark body, whose dogged strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder"- W.E.B Dubois

Look of The Day: 3/21/2012

It's been a long day already and it's only..what..?? 1pm..?? I've been up since 7am and didnt go to sleep until after 2am. Oh well, 'tis my life. Have to make sacrifices to get what you want even if that means getting no sleep. I went simple in style once again. I call it "bummy-chic." I'm dressed all the way down, no make-up (just gloss), sweatshirt and worn ripped jeans but there is still that ever-present spark of style there.

What I'm wearing:

-ashy black, worn vintage jeans
-grey DIY off the shoulder sweatshirt
-army fatigue ballcap
-black faux leather Nine West bag
-black faux leather strappy sandals

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Look of The Day: 3/20/2012

Hello allergies!! It's spring people and the pollen has made its way right up my nostrils.....euphoria right...?? Anyway, todays look is simple. A little rough like I like it; leather, denim and vintage. The weather is great here in good ole South Carolina but it's still a bit cool at night so I paired the shorts with a long sleeve shirt that I could roll down the sleeves on if I need to. I was ready early for class today so I was able to take more pics than usual. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!

What I'm wearing:

-black faux leather biker shorts (diy)
-black genuine leather vintage Cherokee backpack
-blue denim Express mens button-up
-black, gold chain loafers
-vintage inspired animal print sunglasses