Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weird is the new "cool"

The title is self explanatory. It wasn't until I joined Twitter, that I recognized this "trend". Everybody is geeky, everyone is a nerd, everyone is so smart that they're misunderstood with their nerd glasses, peace signs and pouty lips. Oh and let's not forget the infamous announcing of their "bipolarity". At first it was entertaining but then it became insulting. Most of these people don't even know what a nerd is; they just think it's cool to look like one (or so they think) and say "random" shit all the time just for attention.(which really isn't random at all. Usually, carefully thought out sayings made to sound random.........and.Well....weird.) They all want to seem like they have such complex minds but when a truely complex concept is introduced, they all go bonkers and act like fucking coons....ugh

To the people that really know what it's like to be misunderstood, this trend is a-fucking-nnoying! The things I went through as a child with my mother and other family members because I wasn't like the other kids/teenagers, most of these "misunderstood's" can't, and never will, understand. It's great to be different but when all the loneliness and doubt set in, things aren't as cool as they seem. For people to pretend to be misunderstood, is an insult to someone who truely is. Why? because the reactions from those around you (who are supposed to love you as you are) when they find out you aren't like them, can't be made up.

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