Monday, February 27, 2012

Style Blogger Pet Peeves

We all have our annoyances when it comes to style blogs. Here are a few of mine (in no particular order. They are all equally annoying):

- Female bloggers that wear heels for every look. I'm not saying that it's absolutely impossible to wear heels every day but when the blogger posts 3-4 looks PER DAY all dolled up with 6 inch heels, it makes me wonder if they really wore that or if they are just posting pics for comments and votes.

- Begging for votes and comments on style posts. I hate this. Your style should speak for itself. If anything, thank your fans for comments and votes IN ADVANCE. Including "please, please, please vote for me!!" plus 1,058,869,948,843+ links to your blogs is quite annoying.

- Levitating in photos. *Long Pause*...self explanatory

- The awkward "pigeon toe" poses. Look, we get it that you look at a million magazines with professional models in them doing couture poses BUT everyone can't get away with the awkward poses. When in doubt, just stand there. Deal?

- There are a million more...................but on a positive note:

I love style blogs. Genuine, versatile style blogs.....'tis all for now.

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