Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Part of Me That Doesn't Understand That Part of Me

Date night was cute. Saw "Safe House" with Denzel Washington. That man is.....I don't even know if he's acting. It's almost like he's just being himself. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he's just that good of an actor. Either way...he serves!! Went by my moms to get food [she cooks and invites us over a lot]. Now, I'm at home, doing my h/w for next week [thank goodness for syllabi because I like to stay ahead], and drinking Merlot and listening to Beethoven.

As described, I'm an over-drinking, over-thinker. I'm an over-thinker even without the over-drinking part but whatever. You know what I mean. So I've been thinking............

There are so many parts to me. To say I'm misunderstood is an understatement. I know, it's "cool" to be "misunderstood" but to a truely misunderstood person, there's nothing cool about it. I get lonely sometimes. Lonely in my thoughts, in my dreams...just lonely. Honestly, there are some parts of me that don't even fully understand the depths of me. My mind is it's own entity. Open; complex and simple, modern yet vintage, fluid and stubborn. Sometimes I feel like some kind of  freak of nature. Who is this I see? Who is this I don't know? What is this soul? What is this mind? I know but at the same time....I dont.

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