Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Favorite Person

*sips Merlot*

My 7 year old nephew means everything to me. He's such a special child. He's really bright and handsome w/a sarcastic/dry sense of humor/wit. I treat him like he's my own child [me and my sister are extremely close. Always have been.] but I have some concerns.
My sister is a Christian and religious. I'm atheist and definitely anti-religion [of course]. We have the utmost respect for each other. Not a tolerance but a true respect and deep love even though we are so different. Sometimes my nephew says things [about sexuality or gender roles. Ex. "girls are supposed to..." or "boys dont...."] that I know only came from one of their "church" friends. I don't like to feel like I'm correcting him, but when he says things like that, I try to give him another way to look at things. As I said before, he's a really smart child. My gf's sister pointed out that he's mature compared to most kids his age.

[I never pressure him to change how he thinks or to think like me. I only encourage him to think for himself]

I couldn't live with the thought of his intelligence being minimized while in submission to some ridiculous dogma. He's way too smart for that. I want him to think and feel. I want to see his mind grow, not die. I tell him all the time "Bren, you have to understand that your world is only a small part of the universe and what you believe [better yet, what he's being trained to believe] is not right or wrong." He'll come up with some sarcastic rebuttal, ask me "why?" or "how?", I'll explain then he smiles and nods [I can tell he's processing what I said]. I refuse to let his individuality be taken from him. What kind of aunt would I be?

To be cont'd......

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