Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY: Shag Bag

So, I'm surfing the net and I come across a shag pillow. I said to myself "that sure looks like a purse" [unstuffed, of course]. So I thought...why not just make one..?? So that's what I did. This is my second best bag diy. I'm in love with  this one. I took the time to do a tutorial because I wouldn't dare keep this to myself. Hope you like. Let's get started!!

What you'll need:
1) 1 yard of jersey fabric
2) 1 yard of [sturdy] cotton fabric (optional. I used the sturdy cotton for the back of my bag because jersey is stretchy. If you want to make the whole bag jersey, you can just get more than 1 yard)
4) lining (optional. I used lining because sometimes I put things in my purse that may spill but you dont have to.)
3) scissors
4) black thread
5) measuring tape
6) sewing machine
7) pins
8) 3-4 big buttons

--cut two 16" x 14" rectangles from cotton fabric (and two rectangles of the same size from lining if you chose to use it)
--cut two 16" x 14" rectangle from jersey fabric

--sew one rectangle of lining to one rectangle of cotton
--sew other rectangle of lining to other rectangle of cotton
you should now have 2 rectangles (one side lining, one side cotton) and 2 rectangles of just jersey (unlined)

--now that lining is sewn on, you can mark places, on both lined rectangles, for buttons and button holes. Make sure that the rectangle for button HOLES is marked with an "F" for front (I used a pen and wrote F of the lining) because this is where you will sew on the shag. The back will have the buttons but when you close the bag the buttons will show through the button HOLES on the "F"ront
--measure according to how many buttons you want to use
--use pins to mark the places. Put pinned rectangles to the side. The next step will deal with the jersey only

--cut twenty 1" wide strips from each rectangle of jersey fabric (you may need more. That's why I suggested getting a yard. It's ok to start with this much. Once you start sewing you may change your mind on how big you want the bag to be.)

--cut each strip into six 2" pieces

--time to pull out the FRONT of the lined cotton rectangles
--make 20 lines 1" apart on outside of FRONT rectangle (these lines will serve as your sewing guides). Make sure first line is at least 1" from edge of fabric. You will need room for closing edges.

--begin sewing cut pieces of jersey onto FRONT rectangle using marked lines as sewing guide. You will have to be patient because the cut pieces of jersey will have to be placed onto machine, one by one. Make sure you pinch the fabric before placing under needle.
--make sure before you go to the next line, you fold the pieces over. That will create shag effect.

--do this for about 3 more lines. Remove from sewing machine. Examine to make sure you're getting the amount of shag you want

--keep sewing until you get to desired size

--put FRONT rectangle to the side
--hand sew buttons to BACK fabric. Make sure the buttons are placed on correctly for closing. You want the buttons to come through the button holes made on the FRONT rectangle to show when the  bag is closed.
--Time to sew both rectangles together. You want to sew them so that when you turn the bag inside out, the seam will be on the inside (lining side of both rectangles should be placed outward when put together to sew.) Almost done!!

--turn bag right side out and enjoy!!!!!
Bag can be worn folded or unfolded. I like both ways!!


  1. Hiya!
    Thanks for this tutorial!!! I got a sewing machine for Christmas but I have not put it to use yet! Hopefully I'll be able to make something like this in the (near?!) future!

    I bet this would be great as pillows too!!!

    -Josie, 8bitgrayscale

    1. Thanks! It was so much fun to make. Hope you put yours to use soon!

  2. Great DIY. Love the clutch.

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