Monday, February 20, 2012

Decisions, decisions

It's no secret that I change my hair often. So fucking what??...I get bored easily and I know that I'm able to wear just about any style I want so why the hell not...??

Anyway, my hair was ombre not too long ago and I miss it. I want to do it again but I want to go longer. I'm doing it Friday probably. There are so many variations of ombre but I can't pick which one. Of course I want the colors to look good against my skin tone so these are just for inspiration not direct imitation. Here's what I'm thinking.........


  1. hey! cute blog :) just a suggestion, can you make the font easier to read? the color makes it a little bit hard to read the text, especially the blog title

    1. Thank. Sure. I was playing with design layout last night. I'll look into another font. Hopefully it'll be easier to read

  2. Keke color would look great on you

  3. Yea i'm also leaning more towards Keke's, you'll look great!