Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weird is the new "cool"

The title is self explanatory. It wasn't until I joined Twitter, that I recognized this "trend". Everybody is geeky, everyone is a nerd, everyone is so smart that they're misunderstood with their nerd glasses, peace signs and pouty lips. Oh and let's not forget the infamous announcing of their "bipolarity". At first it was entertaining but then it became insulting. Most of these people don't even know what a nerd is; they just think it's cool to look like one (or so they think) and say "random" shit all the time just for attention.(which really isn't random at all. Usually, carefully thought out sayings made to sound random.........and.Well....weird.) They all want to seem like they have such complex minds but when a truely complex concept is introduced, they all go bonkers and act like fucking coons....ugh

To the people that really know what it's like to be misunderstood, this trend is a-fucking-nnoying! The things I went through as a child with my mother and other family members because I wasn't like the other kids/teenagers, most of these "misunderstood's" can't, and never will, understand. It's great to be different but when all the loneliness and doubt set in, things aren't as cool as they seem. For people to pretend to be misunderstood, is an insult to someone who truely is. Why? because the reactions from those around you (who are supposed to love you as you are) when they find out you aren't like them, can't be made up.

Studying Abroad?

So glad this school day is over. I'm so tired. Insomnia visited me last night. I really hope this insomnia thing doesn't start again. I don't know how much more of that my body can take. I struggled for damn near a whole year with insomnia. I just need for insomnia to find a cliff to plunge to its death. Like, now. Anyway, I went to a travel studies seminar after class today. I am interested in studying abroad Jan Term 2013 (we could choose a whole semester or just a term). We were given 3 destinations: Costa Rica, Eastern Europe, and London & France. I chose Costa Rica. The trip is 9 days for 4 credit hours and the price is a fucking steal!! $3300 for round-trip air fair, room and board and all meals for the whole 9 days. I can't even explain the excitement! I think this will be a great opportunity. In addition to the great rate, there are so many different options as far as paying for the trip that consider and cater to the individual student. I really love the school I'm attending!

Look of The Day: Tuesday 2/28/2012

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Style Blogger Pet Peeves

We all have our annoyances when it comes to style blogs. Here are a few of mine (in no particular order. They are all equally annoying):

- Female bloggers that wear heels for every look. I'm not saying that it's absolutely impossible to wear heels every day but when the blogger posts 3-4 looks PER DAY all dolled up with 6 inch heels, it makes me wonder if they really wore that or if they are just posting pics for comments and votes.

- Begging for votes and comments on style posts. I hate this. Your style should speak for itself. If anything, thank your fans for comments and votes IN ADVANCE. Including "please, please, please vote for me!!" plus 1,058,869,948,843+ links to your blogs is quite annoying.

- Levitating in photos. *Long Pause*...self explanatory

- The awkward "pigeon toe" poses. Look, we get it that you look at a million magazines with professional models in them doing couture poses BUT everyone can't get away with the awkward poses. When in doubt, just stand there. Deal?

- There are a million more...................but on a positive note:

I love style blogs. Genuine, versatile style blogs.....'tis all for now.

Look Of The Day 2/27/2012

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

And she does it again.....This woman is just..........................

Thought Provoker #1

I was watching a documentary, as usual, about black holes. So I started thinking; What if you were sucked into a black hole while exploring space (on a field trip via The Magic School bus...ha!!) and you entered another universe and landed on a planet where the concept of God(s) was foreign to its inhabitants. Or a place where believing in God was immoral? or even illegal? There is no going back. How would you adjust?

More Notes from the Autopsy of God: On The Planet Keo

This is eerie....I was thinking about this idea a couple weeks ago; a planet
that's never been exposed to the concept of God.

More Notes from the Autopsy of God: On The Planet Keo: On the planet Keo live beings whose art would make you cry, everything they say is poetry and they do not have a word for God.

My affordable Hair & Makeup Look

Finally changed my hair & I love it. This is my very inexpensive makeup and hair look for the day!

Hair: Onyx ~$50/pack

Foundation: Black Radiance ~$5-$10

Lipstick: "Tango" from local beauty supply $1-$5

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Look of The Day 2/25/2012

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Post-Midnight Thoughts

I'm sipping on Malbec at 2am, and watching Roseanne; which is absolutely irrelevant to what I'm thinking about but whatevs.

Ever had an unspoken bond with someone? That really deep feeling that won't go away no matter what? A platonic (well sort of) Soul Tie? That connection of love & understanding that is in situ prettily on that thin line between love & hate?? That.....that thing. That person that keeps you intrigued; and there's still mystery within that person you know. You get them but you don't; you love them but hate them....all without many words exchanged.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Recent Shopping Trip 2/24/2012

This vintage, color-block purse I got today from the thrift store is a-freaking-mazing! It was only $1...!!!! I got so many great pieces today that will transition from now into spring & summer. Look for more pieces from my shopping trip at tomorrow!

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Yet Another Dose of Optimism

In the library, as I type this, sending my third paper of the semester. I got an A on the first one, just got my grade back for the second one an A on that one too. I'm really hoping for an A on the third one. I have another paper due on the 6th for another class. I'm 26 and this is my first time back in a classroom in years and I'm almost taking a full load. (Currently taking 9 hrs. That's a lot for someone who hasn't been in school in a while). I have a test next week in another class...blah blah....crazy load but I believe in myself. I'm always optimistic but sometimes that quality is at war with my realistic approach to life. I can admit, there have been times when I've doubted myself when attempting to accomplish the goals I set but the truth is, I encourage myself more than anything; and I will continue to do so.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

'tis no shame....1/2 bottle down;  more to go. Papers to write and tests to study for. *cues music* Beethoven as usual. Let's go!!

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Word to the (un)Wise

Before you try to sum me up and deem me unveiled, unravelled and understood; remember this.....I share a lot but I keep even more to myself. You can never know me ;~)

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Look of The Day 2/22/2012

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Another Dose of Optimism

I'm so tired. Concealer has been my bff lately. My eyes are baggy from staring at -0.1856473657 pt font text in books and reading on bright ass computer screens!! read...paper; rinse and repeat....BUT it's ok. I'm going to keep pushing because this is what I did this for; to succeed. Success isn't nearly as appreciated without the little annoyances to look back on and laugh at....right??

yet, I still find time to blog *deep sigh*

Monday, February 20, 2012

More Decisions

Why do I do this to myself??
There's an annual "Mardi Gras" here where I live and I'm thinking about going. We haven't been out in almost 2 months. I've really been buckling down on school work plus I just haven't been in the going out mood here lately. Our night life sucks here. I've seen just about all there is to I don't mind going to laid back, adult, intimate venues but that club thing is not it! I may go to this party...but the golden question is...................what the hell to wear??. A tight dress or skirt is out of the question because that's what just about every girl will be wearing. This is what's juggling around in my head. Nothing set in stone. No cohesion yet. Just an idea.............

Decisions, decisions

It's no secret that I change my hair often. So fucking what??...I get bored easily and I know that I'm able to wear just about any style I want so why the hell not...??

Anyway, my hair was ombre not too long ago and I miss it. I want to do it again but I want to go longer. I'm doing it Friday probably. There are so many variations of ombre but I can't pick which one. Of course I want the colors to look good against my skin tone so these are just for inspiration not direct imitation. Here's what I'm thinking.........

Just a mid day snack. Grapes. A little apple juice, cup of water & a pecan swirl.

Ps. I'm allergic to grapes. I'm fine when I drink wine but my throat & lips itch from grapes. Nothing serious though. Just the chance that my lips will be a bit swollen lol...

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Flower power

I love my shoes. This is only my 2nd time wearing them. I'll post the look on chictopia later.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Hetero Privilege

You know what gets under my skin? When straight women assume that just because I'm a lesbian without children or a "man", that my life and responsibilities aren't as important as theirs. "Girl, you don't have kids. You can go with us" or "My man said......well you wouldn't understand" and "We've been together for 5 years. Yall have us beat.................but that's different".  I tweeted about this not too long ago. Yes, I'm a lesbian but we work, we have VALID relationships, we go to school and we have hobbies. We don't sit around and play ring-around-the-homo all day. What the fuck makes your orthodox morals, mediocre (but embellished) life, and hetero/patriarchal relationship superior to mine? *crickets*............oh yea, privilege.

Dear Beautiful ...: Floral Obssesion

Repost: Love these Jeans and sheer blouses!

Dear Beautiful ...: Floral Obssesion: Floral Obssesion by lyndseycamille featuring skinny jeans Jason Wu sheer blouse $50 - Pink shirt $40 - Topshop flor...

Amazing Homes

These houses are amazing. Like, I'm in love with them. I want every room in my house to be different; give off a different personality. Every room equipped with a fully functioning bar of course. One all white room, one loft like room, one colorful room...etc get it right??
*colorful homes

 *Lake homes